About Us

Our Story

Husq is a home products brand that began 10 years ago as a small import company. Today, we manufacture premium gardening, outdoor living, and home decor products and deliver them directly to you at the best possible value. Our team of product designers, developers, and curators bring their passion for gardening and home decorating to each and every one of the products we make. 

We are proud to call Charleston, South Carolina our home. It’s rich history and beauty serves as inspiration for what we do. 


Why “Husq”? We were inspired by the Romanian word “husk”, which is translated “remember”. As a team, we believe in the value of thankfulness and in counting our blessings. We know that you are putting a lot of trust in us when you add something to your cart, and that is something we always want to earn, and never want to forget. Should you have any questions or concerns about any of our products or services, it would be our pleasure to hear from you!