The Best Tiki Torch Fuels and Oils on the Market

The Best Tiki Torch Fuels and Oils on the Market

Are you looking for the very best tiki torch fuels? Tiki torches are a popular addition to any outdoor space, but to ensure you are getting the most long-lasting burn possible, it is essential that you use the right tiki torch oil. 
However, with so many different options on the market to choose from, it can be tough to know which the best tiki torch fuel for you is. That is why to help you, we have taken a closer look at some of the most popular options available. 

What is a tiki torch?

Before looking at the best long-lasting tiki torch oil, we thought it would be important to understand what these unique torches actually are. Used outdoors, tiki torches were traditionally made from bamboo but nowadays they are available in a wide array of different materials. 


When placed around your garden or patio, these lights help to create a beautiful aesthetic and mood lighting. These incredibly popular torches are typically used to provide ambient lighting during gatherings, but they also offer much more than just a source of light. Tiki torches are also able to help repel bugs such as mosquitoes. Filling these lights with the right type of tiki torch fuel can help to drive away bugs, ensuring they do not impact your next outside gathering. 


As the popularity of tiki torches continues to rise, there are a growing number of commercial options on the market. Many of these follow the traditional Luau bamboo-inspired style, but there are sizes and shapes designed to help you create the perfect aesthetic in your garden. 


What types of tiki torch oils are available?

Tiki torches are a great way to light any outdoor event, and they are usually powered by either gas or oil. These long-lasting tiki torch fuel can provide you with plenty of light while also helping to repel mosquitoes and other bugs. 


Every property owner will want to utilize a safe and healthy torch fuel, and there are three main solutions available:

Citronella-based fuels are some of the most popular options on the market today, giving a long-lasting burn while also helping to repel mosquitoes. The oil is extracted from the Lemongrass herb and has also been known to provide a wide range of health benefits. The powerful citrus aroma that is given off when burning this style of tiki torch oil helps to confuse mosquitoes and drive them away from your garden. 


Kerosene is another very popular tiki torch fuel. This is because it is a relatively cost-effective fuel to use while it also provides a very long-lasting burn with minimal scent being given off. There are also certain tiki torch oils available that combine both citronella-based fuels and kerosene.


Is torch fuel the same as citronella oil?

There is a wide array of tiki torch fuel on the market, and citronella oil is just one option that owners can choose from. The oil is created through a process of steam distillation, and it is a natural, safe, and healthy torch fuel. 


Can I burn olive oil in a tiki torch?

One of the most common questions that tiki torch owners want to know is whether they can use olive oil in their lamps. This is a viable question, and olive oil can provide a very clean burn, making it an easy DIY option. However, it does not provide as long-lasting of a burn in comparison to purpose tiki torch oil. 


What can I use instead of tiki torch fuel?

While commercial tiki torch fuels are often recommended, there are many different alternatives that can be used to keep your torch burning. Olive oil is a popular solution, as are various other cooking oils. However, it does give off a strong aroma when being burnt. Another popular solution is eucalyptus oil, which also has the ability to repel mosquitos and bugs. 


The top five tiki torch fuels on the market in 2021 

There are a wide array of tiki torch oil brands on the market to choose from, and you want to ensure that you are using a safe and healthy torch fuel in yours. Some of the most popular brands include:


TIKI Clean Burn Fuel

TIKI is one of the most recognized brands in the tiki torch market, and their Clean Burn product is incredibly popular thanks to the soot and smoke-free burn. Offering a very clean burn, the tiki torch oil is made up of 85% natural ingredients from plant sources. 


However, while the clean burn is highly attractive to some owners, it is important to realize that this option does not have any mosquito or bug repelling properties. 


Firefly Safe and Green oil

The Firefly Safe and Green tiki torch fuel is another very popular solution. Made from palm seed, the fuel is completely petroleum-free, ensuring that it provides a very clean and long-lasting burn. This particular product also produces no soot or odors.


The clean burn and natural ingredients do not help to keep mosquitos and bugs away, so if you are looking to use your torch to keep insects away, it is better to use a different type of fuel. 


TIKI BiteFighter

The TIKI BiteFighter fuel is a blend of kerosene, citronella, and cedar oil that has been specifically designed to help provide a long-lasting burn while also offering strong bug repellent properties. That means your next BBQ will not be impacted by mosquitoes and other pests. 


The oil does produce a lot of smoke, though, which is what keeps the bugs away. So it might not be the best solution if you are looking for a clean burn. 


Ner Mitzvah Citronella oil

The 100% kosher Ner Mitzvah citronella oil offers a very eco-friendly solution that is great at keeping insects away. It is also a completely odorless and clean-burning oil, which makes it great for use in any garden. 


The high-quality product does come with a price tag, though, which means it is not the most affordable solution. 


Hyoola citronella-scented torch oil

Another popular, safe, and healthy torch fuel is the Hyoola citronella-scented torch oil. The lightly scented organic fuel is very pleasant to smell, while it is also great at helping to keep bugs and other pests away. 


It is quite a smoky tiki torch oil, which can be a little off-putting for some people, so that is important to keep in mind. 


Looking for the best tiki torches?

No matter whether you are looking for kerosene, citronella, or eucalyptus oil, you need a high-quality tiki torch. Here at Husq Home, we know how great these unique torches are at creating that perfect backyard. 


That is why we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of styles and colors to help you find the perfect match for your garden. Made from the highest quality materials possible, all of our tiki torches are designed to be incredibly durable and long-lasting, and we have options to suit every budget. 


Want to find out more? Check out our full range of tiki torches for your outdoor space here.  

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